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Seizing the opportunity of the 19th CPC National Congress proposing the Healthy China strategy and reform in the healthcare industry policies, the Group capitalizes on its leading-edge medical and diagnostic technologies to promote in-depth integration between such industries as healthcare, science and technology, and elderly care. 

In 2017, the Group signed an agreement with the government of Suzhou City, under which University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Affiliated Hospital will be introduced to Wujiang New Area. Guoce Suzhou Smart City Industrial Park will undertake the construction of CAS IoT Corporate Operations Center to promote the healthcare big data center application industry and achieve “three-chain interactions” between the innovation chain, industry chain, and capital chain. In this way, it will convert excellent achievements of scientific research into high-tech industries and further boost the development of the local healthcare industry in Suzhou.

In the future, the Group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will join forces in integrating resources in advanced medicine. It is gradually perfecting the One Health industry landscape to turn it into an important business model and a support service project for the industrial park. It consistently supports the national strategy in the way of the market in a bid to help promote the further development of the healthcare industry in China.  

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